Girl, You're a Flower on the Battlefield

Updated: Feb 3

This is the title of my very first book, published in 2019 which can be purchased on various online sites I have been writing since the age of thirteen and never would have imagined that, one day, the writings of a little black girl would be interesting enough to be published into a book, let alone sold on world-wide websites. The intended purpose of the book was to encourage women battling cancer, homelessness, and having escaped and survived domestic violence. I've witnessed the struggle of my stepmother and one of my best girlfriends as they fought hard to overcome lung cancer and metastatic breast cancer. To say the least, it was devastating!

I thank God that I have never experienced the plight of being homeless, however, my spiritual sister experienced it, first-hand, as a mother with three young daughters. Shelters were merely a place to lay their heads and eat a meal, but they were neither permanent nor the optimal place for protection. Fortunately, she and her daughters were able to secure a home, and she has committed to helping other displaced women and children.

As a survivor of domestic violence, I can attest to the fact that making it out with your life is the first step. I experienced it as a child, being raised by an abusive stepfather, whose rage escalated, over time, and could have taken my mother's life. From the ages of six to seventeen, I endured the trauma of abuse, the destruction of my family, and watching a man almost choke the life out of my mother. At seventeen, I had had enough and called the police, which saved my mother's life. Identifying with survivors of domestic violence is personal to me, so writing spiritual letters of encouragement to them was essential to letting them know that God kept them, and will forever be with them.

The title, Girl, You're a Flower on the Battlefield, is a metaphor to let the women know that each is unique, delicate, and beautiful, and despite their particular battle, God has taken over the fight. God will restore them! God has a purpose for the pain and a plan for their lives. I would like to invite you to purchase a copy for someone you know who is suffering with any of these issues, for the book is a series of love letters from God, directly to them.

I'm grateful that you took the time to check out the blog and, hopefully, the book, but most importantly, I encourage you to be a part of this inspirational community of women, writers, bloggers, and poets. It is my belief that iron sharpens iron, leading individuals to be sharper, wiser, and more effective when working together. God bless you, and I look forward to seeing what this blog will become with your participation and support.

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