Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you woke up this morning, looked at your face in the mirror, and wished that beautiful woman a Happy Valentine's Day. Although this is a holiday for lovers, for those of us who are single, let's treat ourselves. Of course, it would be nice to have a BAE buy the flowers, the candy, the dinner, and pick the movie. To tell the truth, no one can love you better than you. Remember the saying, you teach people how to treat you? Well, how can you teach someone how to do something that you've never done? It sounds ridiculous.

I was married more than seventeen years; I have been single for more than twelve years. I love being in a healthy, happy, and loving relationship. When I married, it was for immature and superficial reasons. As a mature woman, I know what I want, I recognize my worth, and I understand that being the source of my own joy is the key to my happiness and success. I would love for someone to choose me, but more importantly, I choose myself. I know my favorite candies, flowers, restaurant, movies, and I love my own company.

So, treat yourself to whatever will make you feel like a princess. I say that because that little girl inside is always looking for that perfect love. When you love yourself, unconditionally, affirm your worth daily, and protect your peace of mind, that's the greatest love there is, except for the love of God. Don't put more value in a day than you do in yourself.

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